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The first wireless precision boat lift controller! 

ICON app on phone

Love your lift






ICON allows you to always know the status of your lift, including temperature sensors to keep you informed.

Raise and lower your lift from anywhere using the mobile app!

The on-board camera allows you to observe your boat lift from anywhere on your phone

Receive real-time SMS alerts about the status of your lift!


What Others Are Saying...

Pat C.

“The coolest thing ever! I can lower the boat to board position or any position for the boat detailers and mechanic remotely while out of state.” 

Thomas M.

“The text notification that tells me when the lift is in motion is nice. When my kids are down alone I know when they are messing with one of the boats.”

Fred G.

“The auto lift maintainer is a great feature. When I am away, the lift used to lower a bit after several weeks of rough water. Now with this controller, it will keep it in the up position automatically!”

Plug & Play

App Setup

STEP 1 Use the link below to register a new WP Controls user account if you still need to get one.


**If you have an account, skip to step 2

STEP 2. Please download and install the WP Controls App using the appropriate Apple or Android link below.


**Please choose ALLOW on all permission requests that come up during install.

Download from the Apple App Store
Get it on Google

STEP 3. Using your new account credentials, log in and register each of your Lift Controllers on the Lift Controller page of the app or website.



**You will need your Lift Controller serial number for this step.



**You can get the serial number from the Lift Controller directly on its Controller Info page.

Lady with ICON app on Iphone

About WP

Photo of the Team at Overland Park Boat Show

Wireless Precision Controls is the maker of ICON - the first and only wireless precision controller designed specifically for boat lifts.   ICON allows you to be INFORMED about the status of your lift from anywhere in the world, through the ICON mobile app or website.  ICON allows you to also CONTROL your lift, using the app, from anywhere, even while you're out boating.   With the onboard camera, ICON allows you to OBSERVE what's going on with your lift in real time no matter where you are.  Lastly, ICON will NOTIFY you of important changes in your lift - get custom alerts for when your lift is raised or lowered, or if it unexpectedly loses pressure.  

Raising the Standard

Really, there’s nothing like ICON on the market.  Other controllers act like a ‘remote control’ when you are near or already on the dock.   ICON gives an unprecedented level of access and control, and therefore a great deal of safety and peace of mind to boat owners.  You’ll definitely be showing off your controller app to all your friends.

Wireless Precision Controls Logo

Wireless Precision Controls, LLC (dba WP Controls) is owned by three Lake of the Ozarks residents who have a passion for the lake lifestyle and making incredible products that people love.   James Rericha, Tim Thompson, and Bob Peters make up the team that designs, manufacturers, sells, and services ICON.   “ICON can be used with any existing air actuated boat lift” according to Bob Peters, co-owner and operator. “Any make, or size of boat lift will work - we have 1,2,3, or 4 blower models to handle it”.   


James Rericha, co-owner states “The app is free to download and will work on your Apple or Android device, or accessible on your desktop.   Also, since we use 3D printing technology for the ‘housing’ of the controller - we are making some very cool designs and can even offer color options as well”.   

"Boat lift controllers have never exactly been a real sexy or "exciting" product...  until now!"  says Tim Thompson, co-owner.   "There are many influences in other markets that design products that just plug and play and make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone.   That's what ICON does for boating.  Once customers use it, they are like - ‘Of course, this is how it should be!’  That's why we say: "Love Your Lift".  You absolutely will once you control it with ICON.

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